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Invigorating your Business Model through innovation workshops

How a company does business is often more important than what it sells. Focusing on product innovation or process innovation alone is not enough. There are a number of challenges such as people and technology, and conflicting drivers such as price and quality that either help or hinder competitive positioning, and ultimately, affect business growth.

So, "where to focus to optimise impact" is a question that we, at the Institute, frequently get asked.

Innovation in Development® is a structured programme of workshops that enables companies to speed up their innovation capability by bringing together the steps needed to facilitate a mindset of innovative culture with practical tools and techniques on how, and, where to innovate effectively.

Innovation in Development ® uses our Innovation Escalator® (below) to simplify the innovation landscape and make any change more manageable. It brings together the core elements of the business model with cultural values that drive creative thinking and performance excellence. It provides a clear roadmap that helps an organisation move towards its aspired position, by identifying the steps needed to gain a differentiated business advantage.


The Innovation in Development programme is ideal for organisations who are looking to create new value through:

  • Introducing existing products and services into new markets
  • Maximising capability to develop new products and services
  • Optimising cost performance of existing products and services


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