Innovation Institute

STEM Innovation Webinar

Date: 29 September 2015 : 10:45 - 11:45

Is your STEM Provision Fit for Purpose?

STEM accounts for over 43% of the UK GDP. Yet, 39% of employers struggle to recruit advanced, technical STEM skills that they urgently need at levels 3, 4 and above.

Having the right STEM strategy is a mandated step for every college to enable them offer fit for purpose provision that closes the STEM skills gap and gives employers the STEM programmes they desperately need.

This webinar will provide an overview of how to develop, validate and recognise STEM as a strategic college offer to drive innovation and continuous improvement educationally and commercially. It will address the following key areas:

  • STEM in Development: How to create an effective STEM strategy
  • STEM Canvas: How to develop new provision
  • STEM Assured: How to Benchmark your STEM provision and achieve differentiation
  • Innovation Hub: How to leverage the new STEM capability to drive innovation for income generation
  • T-Shaped Technologist: How to develop learners with sought after employability skills
  • Apprentice Assured: How to ensure consistency in the quality of the Apprentice’ learning experience.

All these programmes support and underpin the common inspection framework and QAA requirements, in relation to a college’s STEM offer, as well as strengthen its competitive positioning. 


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