Innovation Institute

Innovisions 2014

Date: 4 December 2014 : 08:00 - 08:00

Unlocking creativity across organisations, sectors and supply chains

Successful innovation is no accident: it is a highly disciplined approach to people, performance and process. Innovisions 2014, NEF’s flagship annual conference and awards, is exploring how organisations can harness knowledge both internally and across their supply chains, creating an environment that nurtures creativity in the classroom, workshop or boardroom.

In a packed agenda, leading figures from business, education and Government will identify practices, models and policies that help to differentiate the international trailblazers from the also-rans. The conference will also examine the challenges of stimulating innovation across regions and in educational institutions.

Innovisions 2014 is an interactive conference, encouraging lively debate and participation from a diverse and specially invited audience. At INNOVISIONS, senior figures from business, education and the public sector will share their views on how to nurture talent, scale up ideas and tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing society and our economy.

Four keynote speakers will focus on how to deliver of actionable innovation:

Amanda Brooks

Director Innovation, Department of Business, Innovation & Skills

How fast is innovation unfolding in the higher education sector

Philip Parker

Industrial Relations Director, EDF Energy

How innovation is changing the energy sector

Prof. Sanjay Sarma

Director of Digital Learning MIT, USA

Innovation in Education

Gregor Dirks

Corporate Innovator, Airbus

Culture, Trends & Innovation: connecting knowledge to drive growth

Business & Industry Inquiry Panel

How can businesses create sustainable ecosystems for ideas generation? Our prestigious international panel will explore practical steps that organisations can take to nurture talent, scale up concepts and ensure that the knowledge and experience of the workforce is being used to its full potential.

Topics covered will include:

  • Accelerating Growth: aligning knowledge with technology
  • Measuring for Success: how to learn from failure
  • Business Resilience: creating more agile systems
  • Design Thinking: the customer experience
  • The Human Factor: sustainable engagement with employees and the supply chain

Chaired by Fiona Graham,
BBC, Technology of business reporter

Panel Members include:

  • Dr Alvin Wilby, VP of Technology & Strategy, Thales UK
  • Robert Davies, CEO Areva UK
  • Dr Rosie Bryson, Team Leader, Technical Management Europe, BASF
  • John Pelton MBE, Strategic Projects Director, Crossrail
  • Dr Simone Arizzi, Technology & Innovation Director, DuPont
  • Jacqui Hall, Vice President, Medlmmune/AstraZeneca
  • Dr Michelle Hynd, Director of Corporate Infrastructure & Development, SSE

Education Inquiry Panel

Traditional STEM education models are becoming less relevant as companies increasingly seek workers with interoperable skills: moving easily between different sectors and scientific disciplines.

This session will explore how educational institutions and employers can develop a more flexible and agile workforce that is able to innovate and adapt to rapid advances in technology.

Topics covered will include:

  • Competency-based STEM Education: delivering an interoperable workforce
  • Thinking Differently: Design for Learning
  • Industry Partnerships: creating interactive and immersive learning models
  • Quality Assurance: accreditation and assessment in a digital world
  • Changing Trends : MOOCs and the Internet of Things

Chaired by Sarah Campbell,
BBC News Correspondent

Panel Members include:

  • Jonathan Chippindale, CEO, Holition
  • Frazer Greenshields, Head of Cannington Court, Campus Learning & Technology Development
  • Professor Alan Brown, Entrepreneurship & Innovation Surrey University
  • Dr Alison Le Cornu, Academic Lead, Higher Education Academy
  • Dr. Lauren B. Birney, Assistant Professor Pace University, USA
  • Kate Webb, Principal & Chief Executive, East Berkshire College
  • Dr John Lanham, Associate Dean, UWE


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